The unique facade plank

Uni-board calcium silicate planks are used for interior and exterior walls of a building, to protect the walls from the effects of weather for long time periods and is a key feature in the aesthetics of the structure.  Uni-Board plank is simple to handle and easy to install and is therefore even for the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) sigment. Uni-board plank is a calcium silicate plank perfect for all wood-cladding houses.
The Uni-board plank is also water resistant, insect and rot resistant and therefore requires little maintenance.

Framing and fixing

Framing : Uni-Board Plank can be fixed to both timber frames or steel frames . Framing must be selected to provide sufficient strenght to support the Uni-Board Plank siding.

Fixing : Planks can be fastenend with both nails or screws. It can be nailed directley to timber supports with round wire nails. When using metal screws, the size and lenght of the srew will be dependent on the thickness of the plank and the gauge of the framing. Pre-drilling the planks is a must unless self-embedding, self-drilling head screws are used.

Product Characterisistics