High Performance Construction Panels

Fire resistant (Class A1) Insect resistant High impact strength
Water resistant Mold mildew resistant Easy process
Moisture resistant High sound insulation Exceptional bonding surface
Frost resistant Lightweight Asbestos-free
Non-toxic Eco-friendly - Recyclable Zero carbon footprint

Easy Installation

No special tools are required. The products can be used with normal nails or self-drilling screws and cut by using a hand or electric power saw with a diamond blade. The panels can be fixed to steel or timber frames.

* The design engineers and certifiers are responsible for ensuring that load bearing walls have been designed to resist all applied loads and that the elements of flooring design and construction must comply with all applicable local authorities building and construction regulations and standards.

Required wall finishing: Paint, Ceramic Tile, Wallpaper, Stucco, Laminate, Stone, Thin Brick

Required floor finishing: Tile, Linoleum, Carpet, Laminate, LVT, and more

** The use of a 'Sealer Coat', 'Preparation Undercoat' and “Sanding” is strictly recommended prior to any application of paint.
Always follow the paint manufacturer recommendations for paint suitability, mixing instructions, and application.

*** The waterproofing requirements of all relevant codes, standards and regulations must be met. Water proofing membranes manufacturer’s specifications and application methods must be consulted and complied with.